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Restrizione alle importazioni in Colombia

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L’organo per la soluzione delle controversie (DSB) in data 22 ottobre 2007 ha nominato un panel per esaminare il caso delle restrizioni alle importazioni in Colombia, ha adottato il rapporto contro le importazioni di riso in Turchia e ha adottato il rapporto del panel contro la Corea e le sue misure antidumping relative all’importazione della carta.

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A raspberry for free trade

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Protectionists serve up tainted fruit and red herrings

by Paul Krugman

Would President Clinton have suffered his humiliating rebuff over fast-track trade legislation if the administration had not wasted crucial months failing to take the issue seriously? I don’t know. Will that rebuff severely damage the world trading system? I don’t know. Is this the beginning of a more fundamental backlash against globalization? I don’t know that, either.

What I do know is that the arguments advanced by fast track’s intellectual opponents are stunningly specious. Consider the tale of the tainted berries.
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